AGU/EOS spotlight: Uncovering the timing and triggering of high-energy lightning events

Credit: Birkeland Centre for Space Science and MountVisual


In a new publication by Østgaard et al. [2021], high-energy lightning events in the sky have been studied, combining ASIM-data from space with ground-based radio measurements. This approach has allowed Prof. Østgaard and his co-authors to examine the timing of intracloud lightning, elves, terrestrial gamma ray flashes and energetic in-cloud pulses.

The Research Spotlights section in EOS (Earth and Space Science) News highlights Østgaard et al. [2021] through a news article in their latest edition entitled «Observations from Space and Ground Reveal Clues About Lightning». In particular, the concluding paragraph is worth noting: “This combination of observations is unique and unprecedented. The detailed observations suggest that coordinated monitoring is the future method for lightning and thunderstorm research efforts”.