Real-time Data


Below is a presentation of dynamic solar data gathered from various commonly-used sources.


KHO Auroral Forecast: (Left) the size and location of the impact zone of energetic particles from the Sun, (right) local all-sky view of the oval (Courtesy: Kjell Henriksen Observatory, UNIS, Norway)

Kp index: System for measuring auroral strength (Courtesy: SWPC NOAA)

Photosphere: The visible surface of the Sun (Courtesy: SWPC NOAA)

Chromosphere: The second of the three main layers of the Sun (Courtesy: SWPC NOAA)

Corona: The outermost layer of the sun (Courtesy: SWPC NOAA)

GOES X-ray plot: tracks solar activity and flares (Courtesy: SWPC NOAA)


Tromsø magnetometer stackplot: Readings from a network of magnetometer ground stations (Courtesy: Tromsø Geophysical Observatory, Univ. of Tromsø, Norway)