EISCAT_3D to reveal solar storms in the Earths neighboorhood

Illustration photo of EISCAT_3D. Copyright: @NIPR

EISCAT_3D is a new auroral radar at Skibotn, Troms, Norway. This research infrastructure will – for the first time – provide 3D images of the atmosphere (density, tempeture and winds) above the Fenno-Scandinavian Arctic with a high spatial resolution (a few hundred meters). This means that EISCAT_3D is well suited for e.g. space weather forecasts.

Prof. Kjellmar Oksavik has been interviewed about EISCAT_3D in the recent edition of Apollon. The article is entitled “Skal avsløre farlige solstormer med tusenvis av nye antenner” (in Norwegian only).

Update: The Oksavik-interview is now found in several magazines, including forskning.no, Teknisk Ukeblad and Computerworld.

Also, you can watch more about the importance of EISCAT_3D in the video clip below, with expert commentary by (among others) Kjellmar Oksavik and Lisa Baddeley from BCSS.