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Astrid Haderlein (02.02) advisors: H.N. Tyssøy & M.I. Sandanger, “Optimization, evaluation and application of EEP measurements in the presence of contaminating protons”

Anders Lindanger (12.06) advisor: M. Marisaldi, “Search for Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes in AGILE data by correlation with ground-based lightning measurements”

Chris Alexander Skeie (13.06) advisor: N. Østgaard, “Aircraft interaction with electric field of thundercloud and observations of hard radiation”


Nini Lykke Berge (20.06)  advisors: N. Østgaard & K. Albrectsen, "A new population of Terrestrial Gamma-ray flashes"

Roger Torkelsen (21.06) advisors: N. Østgaard & P. Kochkin, "High frequency current oscillations measured in high voltage electrical discharge experiments in the laboratory"

Bjørn Rosland (30. 06) advisors: N. Østgaard & K.M. Laundal, "Asymmetric Ionospheric Equivalent Currents at Magnetic Conjugate Points"

Kristian Reed (29.06) advisor: K. Oksavik, "Study of meso-scale reversed flow events in the polar ionosphere by SuperDARN radars"

Natalie Forseth (02.11) advisors: L. Baddeley, A. Grimenes, N. Partamies, "The Structuring of High Latitude Aurora" (UNIS)


Anders Ohma (15.01) advisor: N. Østgaard, "A Statistical Study of Field-Aligned Birkeland Currents Using Cluster FGM Data"


Theresa Rexer (27.02) advisor: N. Østgaard, "Current systems associated with Non-Conjugate Aurora"

Markus A. Marszalek (19.06) advisor: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy, "The Horizontal Transport and Dynamics of NOx Produced by Energetic Particle Precipitation in the Upper Atmosphere"

Norah K. Kwagala (19.06)  advisor: K. Oksavik, "Dayside 630.0 nm emissions due to Thermally excited O(1D) in the cusp region ionosphere over Longyearbyen, Svalbard"

Aamodt, Vegard (22.06)  advisor: N. Østgaard, "Search for Terrestrial Electron Beams in SAMPEX HILT data"

Kjetil H. Albrechtsen (23.06) advisor: N. Østgaard, "Search for unidentified Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes"

Stefan Coyle ( 08.12) advisor: Nikolai Østgaard, "Statistical Search for Terrestrial Gamma-ray flashes based on RHESSI and LIS data"


Hulda S. Fadnes  (25.04) advisor: J. Gjerløv, "Are substorms required to intensify I thinkthe ring current?"

Tonje V. Fiskerstrand (16.06) advisor: J. Gjerløv, "Magnetosphere-Ionosphere response to changes in the solar wind driver"

Annet E. Zawedde (28.10) advisor: H. N. Tyssøy, "Weak to Moderate Recurrent Storms and their Influence on the Middle Atmosphere Composition in 2008"


Alexander B. Skeltved, (04.06) advisor: N. Østgaard, "A study of the relativistic runaway electron avalanche and the feedback theory to explain terrestrial gamma-ray flashes"

Linn-Kristine G. Ødegaard (13.06) advisor: K. Oksavik, "Recalibration of the MEPED Proton Detectors Onboard NOAA POES Satellites"

Christer van Der Meeren (14.06)  advisor: K. Oksavik, "A multi-instrument study of GPS scintillation in the nightside polar cap over Svalbard"