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Trond Eirik Knutsen (January 2023)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "Development of FPGA design and test structures for the updated ALOFT instrument

Jone Lundetræ Cimen (2023)  advisor: H. Nesse, "Observation of precipitating auroral electrons in the lower thermosphere"

Andreas Liland Ramsli (May 2023), advisors: Martino Marisaldi and David Sarria, “Observation of cosmic gamma-ray bursts with the ASIM mission onboard the International Space Station”

Bas Dol (May 2023), advisor: Noora Partamies (UNIS), “Viability of using images classified by an unsupervised AI for determining patterns in the evolution of auroral morphology”

Anders Fuglestad (June 2023)  advisor: N. Østgaard and A. Mezentsev, "Multi Pulse Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes and optical pulses of lightning observed by ASIM"

Anton Thorell (July 2023), advisors: L. Baddeley (UNIS) and M. Ivchenko (KTH, Stockholm), "Sporadic E-layers in the polar cap ionosphere"


Ragnar Landet (January 2022), advisors: Nikolai Østgaard and David Sarria, “Modeling of Gamma-Ray Glows from Thunderstorms with GEANT4”

Linn Amalie Kvaale Ramdal  (June 2022), advisor: Kjetil Ullaland (UiB),Characterization of Silicon Photomultiplier and Design of Front-End Electronics for ALOFT

Viljar Dahle  (June 2022), advisor: Johan Alme  (UiB),Methods for FPGA pre-processing of data for the ALOFT readout system

Raphael Deirmendjian (2022), Advisor: Noora Partemies (UNIS), Co-advisor: Alexandrine Marteel (ECAM Lyon), "Silver Bullet Calibration"

Alexia Tachet (2022), Advisor: Noora Partemies (UNIS), Co-advisor: Toumi Abdelmalek (ENSTA Bretagne), "Auroral detection in coloured all-sky image"

Vincent Teissier (2022), Advisor: Noora Partemies (UNIS), Co-advisor: Toumi Abdelmalek (ENSTA Bretagne), "Automatic morphological classification of auroral structures"

Haakon Dahl Eide (June 2022), advisors: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy and Christine Smith-Johnsen, “What is the flux of low energy electron precipitation in the lower thermosphere?”

Håvar Alexandersen, Advisor: Patrick Espy, Co-advisor: Yvan Orsolini, “Resolved gravity waves in a high-resolution model: The interaction of gravity waves with planetary waves”

Lise Eder Murberg, Advisor: Patrick Espy, Co-advisor: Yvan Orsolini, "The secondary ozone layer and energetic particle precipitation"

Sigurd Nord Andresen, Advisor: Patrick Espy, "Planetary Waves over Antarctica"

Kirsten Kristine Biering Mohr, Advisor: Patrick Espy, "Temperatures in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere and the viability of using non-continuous time series to derive tides"

Sveinung Hansen Seltveit, Advisor: Patrick Espy, Co-advisor: Noora Partamies, "Auroral Dunes: Bores or Boring? Airglow Imaging of Gravity Wave-Aurora Interaction in the Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere"

Tina Mirzaamin, Advisor: Patrick Espy, Co-Advisor: Yvan Orsolini, "Eastward-Propagating Planetary Waves in SuperDARN Radar Wind Observations"

Cécily Noaillac (November 2022), advisors: Lisa Baddeley and Mikko Syrjasuo (UNIS), “Waves in the ionosphere detected using the Polar Research Ionospheric Doppler Experiment (PRIDE)”


Gry Emilie Granstedt (March 2021) advisor: Patrick Espy (NTNU), “Solar Cycle Influence on the Semi-Diurnal Tide in the Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere”

Jon Kristian Slapgaard (July 2021) advisor: Patrick Espy (NTNU), “Solar Forcing of Planetary Waves”

Anna Kvamsdal  (June 2021)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "En undersøkelse av hvordan substormer påvirker konveksjon målt med Swarm-satellitter"

Amalie Øie Hovland (August 2021), advisors: Kjellmar Oksavik and Jone P. Reistad, “Mesoskala-konveksjon assosiert med en Polar Cap Arc-hendelse: Resultater for multi-instrument studie og regional dataassimilering

Andreas Lysaker Kvernhaug  (August 2021), advisors: Karl Magnus Laundal and Jone P. Reistad, “Empirical Relationship between Nightside Reconnection Rate and Solar Wind / Geomagnetic Measurements

Ingvild Svendsen (September 2021), advisor: Patrick Espy (NTNU), “Correlation between the mean wind in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere and solar cycles

Anton Goertz, UNIS / Goethe University, Frankfurt (September 2021), advisors: Lisa Baddeley and Noora Partamies (UNIS), “Poleward Moving Auroral Forms and Dayside Flow Channels"

Bendik Husa (November 2021) advisors: Kjetil Ullaland (UiB), “Design of Readout Electronics for the DEEP Particle Detector

Héctor Daniel Zúñiga López (November 2021), advisors: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy and Christine Smith-Johnsen, “The impact of medium energy electrons on mesospheric chemistry and dynamics”


Robert Balfour (2020) advisor: Patrick Espy (NTNU), “The detection of meteoric smoke particles with rocketborne sensors, a feasibility study”

Adrienne Esperalda Oudijk (June 2020) advisors: Fred Sigernes (UNIS) &  Hjalmar Mulders (Tu/e), “Hyperspectral Data Cube Compression Techniques and Quality Assessments”

Mikkel J. Breedveld (July 2020) advisors: Fred Sigernes (UNIS) , Magnar G. Johnsen (UiT) &  Finn Søraas (UiB), “Predicting the Auroral Oval Boundaries by Means of Polar Operational Environmental Satellite Particle Precipitation Data”

Josephine Alessandra Salice (June 2020) advisors: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy & Christine Smith-Johnsen, “Solar wind drivers of energetic electron precipitation”

Jone Øvretvedt Edvartsen (June 2020) advisors: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy & Ville Maliniemi, “Impact of space weather on the polar atmosphere”

Ingrid Bjørge-Engeland (June 2020) advisor: Nikolai Østgaard, “Time sequence of TGFs and optical pulses detected by ASIM and a comparison of TGFs observed by different spacecrafts”

Simen Heimly (April 2020) advisor: Patrick Espy (NTNU), Examined by: Alain Hauchecorne (LATMOS), “Tropospheric measurements using the ALOMAR RMR-lidar”

Ole Martin Kringlebotn (August 2020) advisor: Patrick Espy (NTNU), Examined by: Frank Mulligan (Maynooth Univ.) and Stefan Bender (NTNU), “Climatology of gravity wave activity in Antarctica”

Erlend Kallelid (June 2020) advisors: Patrick Espy (NTNU) and Noora Partamies (UNIS), “Evolution in Cosmic Noise Absorption during Periodic Events”

Simon James Walker (December 2020) advisors: Karl M. Laundal and Jone Reistad (UiB), “A novel application of Spherical Elementary Currents with GroundMagnetometers−Analysis of By effects on the auroral electrojets”

Lidia Luque (December 2020) advisors: Lisa Baddeley (UNIS) and Patrick Espy (NTNU), “Multi-Instrument Investigations of Spectral Width in the Polar Ionosphere”


Anders Lerum Alme  (June 2019)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "FW implementation of SMILE SXI Radiation Shutter Control System"

Marie Bøe Henriksen (May 2019) advisor: Fred Sigernes, UNIS, “Hyperspectral Imager Calibration Characterization and Image Correction, Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology”

Florine Enengl (May 2019) advisors: Noora Partamies (UNIS) and Nickolay Ivchenko (KTH), “On the relationship between energetic electron precipitation and mesospheric temperature”

Joshua Dreyer (June 2019) advisors: Noora Partamies (UNIS) and Stefan Buchert (University of Uppsala), “A detailed study of auroral fragments”

Sara Gasparini (September 2019) advisors: Patrick Espy (NTNU) and Emma Bland (UNIS), “Statistical properties of backscatter from the Longyearbyen SuperDARN radar”

Elise Wright Knutsen (May 2019) advisor: Patrick Espy (NTNU), “Dynamical-Chemical Coupling in the Polar Middle Atmosphere: Effects of Energetic Particle Precipitation on the Middle Mesospheric Maximum"  

Espen Skjerlie Simonsen (November 2019) advisor: Therese Moretto Jørgensen, “An empirical study of the correlation between the Hall and Pedersen ionospheric conductivities and the field-aligned currents at high latitudes”  


Astrid Haderlein (February 2018) advisors: H.N. Tyssøy & M.I. Sandanger, “Optimization, evaluation and application of EEP measurements in the presence of contaminating protons”

Magnus Isaksen (May 2018) advisors: Noora Partamies and Fred Sigernes (UNIS), Chris Hall (UiT) and Lasse Clausen (UiO), “Dynamic processes in the mesopause region from OH-airglow and meteor echoes above Longyearbyen”

Anders Lindanger (June 2018) advisor: M. Marisaldi, “Search for Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes in AGILE data by correlation with ground-based lightning measurements”

Chris Alexander Skeie (June 2018) advisor: N. Østgaard, “Aircraft interaction with electric field of thundercloud and observations of hard radiation”

Ove Lylund (June 2018)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "Design and Development of the SMILE SXI Radiation Shutter Control System"

Hogne Andersen (October 2018)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "Design and Simulation of Pixel Layout and Data Processing Algorithms for the DEEP Instrument"

Mads Fredrik Heigre (October 2018)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "Design of an Embedded Readout System for the ALOFT Gamma-Ray Detector Instrument"

Alexander Nikolai Nesse  (December 2018)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "SoC Design of Electronic Readout System for ALOFT"


Nini Lykke Berge (June 2017)  advisors: N. Østgaard & K. Albrectsen, "A new population of Terrestrial Gamma-ray flashes"

Roger Torkelsen (June 2017) advisors: N. Østgaard & P. Kochkin, "High frequency current oscillations measured in high voltage electrical discharge experiments in the laboratory"

Bjørn Rosland (June 2017) advisors: N. Østgaard & K.M. Laundal, "Asymmetric Ionospheric Equivalent Currents at Magnetic Conjugate Points"

Kristian Reed (June 2019) advisor: K. Oksavik, "Study of meso-scale reversed flow events in the polar ionosphere by SuperDARN radars"

Karl Bolmgren (May 2017) advisors: Noora Partamies (UNIS), Hanna Dahlgren and Nickolay Ivchenko (KTH), “Time dependence of average structure size and precipitation energy in pulsating aurora”

Aleksander Kårstad Nes (June 2017)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "Evaluation and design of readout electronics for electron and proton detectors"

Joakim Kuven Osland (June 2017), advisors: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy, Kishore Kumar Grandhi and Yvan Orsolini, “Energetic particle precipitation and polar surface air temperature variability”

Natalie Forseth (November 2017) advisors: L. Baddeley, A. Grimenes, N. Partamies, "The Structuring of High Latitude Aurora" (UNIS)


Anders Ohma (January 2016) advisor: N. Østgaard, "A Statistical Study of Field-Aligned Birkeland Currents Using Cluster FGM Data"

Dorota Jozwicka (November 2016) advisors: Noora Partamies and Emma Bland (UNIS) and Jacques Marteau (Université Claude Bernard Lyons 1), “Energy input to atmosphere during pulsating aurora”


Øystein Grøndahl (2015)  advisors: N. Østgaard and B. Carlson, "High voltage electrical discharges in the laboratory"

Theresa Rexer (February 2015) advisor: N. Østgaard, "Current systems associated with Non-Conjugate Aurora"

Markus A. Marszalek (June 2015) advisor: Hilde Nesse Tyssøy, "The Horizontal Transport and Dynamics of NOx Produced by Energetic Particle Precipitation in the Upper Atmosphere"

Norah K. Kwagala (June 2015)  advisor: K. Oksavik, "Dayside 630.0 nm emissions due to Thermally excited O(1D) in the cusp region ionosphere over Longyearbyen, Svalbard"

Aamodt, Vegard (June 2015)  advisor: N. Østgaard, "Search for Terrestrial Electron Beams in SAMPEX HILT data"

Kjetil H. Albrechtsen (June 2015) advisor: N. Østgaard, "Search for unidentified Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes"

Stefan Coyle (December 2015) advisor: Nikolai Østgaard, "Statistical Search for Terrestrial Gamma-ray flashes based on RHESSI and LIS data"

Emiliano Cimoli (August 2015) advisor:  Fred Sigernes (UNIS), “Determining Snow Depth Distribution from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Digital Photogrammetry, Technical University of Denmark”

Marco Marcer and Baptiste Vandecrux (August 2015) advisor: Fred Sigernes, UNIS, “Snow Distribution Statistical Modelling and UAV-borne remote Sensing of Snow Reflectance in the Arctic, Technical University of Denmark”

Mads Didrik Risberg (December 2015)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "Development of gamma-ray detector for use in ER-2 aircraft"


Hulda S. Fadnes  (April 2014) advisor: J. Gjerløv, "Are substorms required to intensify I thinkthe ring current?"

Tonje V. Fiskerstrand (June 2014) advisor: J. Gjerløv, "Magnetosphere-Ionosphere response to changes in the solar wind driver"

Annet E. Zawedde (October 2014) advisor: H. N. Tyssøy, "Weak to Moderate Recurrent Storms and their Influence on the Middle Atmosphere Composition in 2008"

Kinga Albert (August 2014) advisor: Fred Sigernes (UNIS), “SvalPoint: A Multipoint Optical Tracking System”


Alexander B. Skeltved, (June 2013) advisor: N. Østgaard, "A study of the relativistic runaway electron avalanche and the feedback theory to explain terrestrial gamma-ray flashes"

Linn-Kristine G. Ødegaard (June 2013) advisor: K. Oksavik, "Recalibration of the MEPED Proton Detectors Onboard NOAA POES Satellites"

Christer van Der Meeren (June 2013)  advisor: K. Oksavik, "A multi-instrument study of GPS scintillation in the nightside polar cap over Svalbard"

Thomas Riis Bjørnsen (June 2013)  advisor: K. Ullaland, "Development of Electronic Ground System Equipment for the ASIM Project"