Proposed state budget for 2023: Major cuts in the funding of space physics

ASIM mounted on the International Space Station. Photo: ESA.


During these days the Norwegian government is working on the state budget for next year, and in its current version, major cuts in the funding of space physics are proposed. In an attempt to reverse the proposed cuts, Centre Leader Nikolai Østgaard at BCSS has written a chronicle together with UiB-Rector Margareth Hagen, Dean Gunn Mangerud at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Kjetil Ullaland, Institute Head at the Department of Physics and Technology. The chronicle highlight Norways central role in the international collaboration to explore space, as well as emphasize that with the proposed state budget, a new generation of scientists may miss the opportunity to achieve high-tech innovation and future discoveries which cound benefit all humans. The chronicle has been publised in both Bergens Tidende and Khrono (Note: Norwegian only).