Phd student Annet Eva Zawedde publishes an opinion piece in Uganda’s largest daily

Annet Eva Zawedde is currently doing her Phd with Group 3 of the Birkeland Centre, whose focus is to understand the role of particle participation on the atmospheric system. Specifically, her Phd work aims to answer the questions:

  • What is the role of recurrent weak to moderate storms in impacting the composition in the middle atmosphere?
  • How are -OH and -O3 concentrations distributed over the hemisphere?

In her opinion piece for New Vision, Uganda’s largest daily newspaper, Zawedde encourages young people to invest in the study of science, not just to get jobs and secure their futures, but because the hard sciences are the underpinning of modern technologies. Young minds are needed to further our understanding of the world we live in and to enable us to develop technologies that are needed in the future.