Nikolai Østgaard lectures at SCOSTEP/ISWI, Nairobi, Kenya.

The Space Science School was recently held in Nairobi, Kenya. Among the educators was leader of the Birkeland Centre for Space Science, Nikolai Østgaard.

During the last 6 years the International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) and the Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) have been running advanced schools in the area of solar terrestrial physics and space weather. The purpose of these activities is partly to introduce space physics to new parts of the world. Between October 21 and November 1, 2013, this year’s space science school was held in Nairoibi, Kenya. The participants were master’s and PhD students, as well as academic staff from numerous African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia. The leader of the Birkeland Centre for Space Science, Nikolai Østgaard, who is also a Norwegian representative in SCOSTEP, was invited to give lectures in topics involving the magnetosphere, the ionosphere, and the MI-coupling. The visit was a great adventure according to Østgaard, that can inform us that he plans to submit a NORHED application together with colleagues from Kenya and Uganda.