NASA comes to VilVite Science Museum in Bergen

Dr. Patricia Reiff, Rice University, Photo: Cathrine Strøm, VilVite


Birkeland Centre for Space Science and VilVite were the co-sponsors of an event that united space scientists and space enthusiasts on the weekend of June 9.

Assoc. Prof. Kjartan Olafsson of BCSS with young space enthusiast. Photo: Cathrine Strøm , VilVite


Prof. Patricia Reiff of the Rice University Department of Physics and Astronomy presented a planetarium show to wide-eyed spectators. The show included information on the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth. In the course of twenty-odd minutes, Prof. Reiff took viewers on a spectacular journey that visualized the significance of the magnetosphere.

L to R: Phd student Norah Kwagala, Dr. Therese Jørgensen, Prof. Michael Hesse – all from BCSS, Dr. Patricia Reiff, Camilla Larsen (VilVite), Photo: Cathrine Strøm, VilVite


In addition, Prof. Michael Hesse, Dr. Therese Jørgensen, Assoc. Prof. Kjartan Olafsson and several volunteers from the Birkeland Centre conducted learning activities based on NASA’s MMS mission. The activities included making children understand the nature of tetrahedrons and their significance to the MMS mission.