BCSS researcher Karl M. Laundal wins the 2019 Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) Starting Grant

This year’s winners of the TMS Starting Grant: from left, Jenny Mjösberg, Karl M. Laundal, and Eirik Hovden


Karl Laundal was one of three winners of the prestigious TMS Starting Grant this year. His winning proposal is entitled, “What Shapes Space?.”

TMS has awarded close to NOK 30 million to the three young researchers. The grant will give them the opportunity to establish their own research group at the University of Bergen (UiB). UiB will match the grant monies from TMS. According to the TMS website, the Foundation’s goal is competence building in Bergen and at UiB. The Starting Grant program is the foundation’s flagship and has, since 2005, helped recruit 42 outstanding researchers from around the world to UiB.

At BCSS, Karl already leads a group whose focus is the study of the dynamics of the asymmetric geospace. This grant will give him the necessary resources to make long-term plans for research on near-Earth space.  In this brief video, Karl explains the nature of the research he and his group have undertaken.