BCSS in media

Beate Krøvel Humberset defends her PhD thesis

12. October 2017

A few news stories about Beate Humberset's PhD defence that took place on October 6

Space Physics in Norway Today and the Heritage of Kristian Birkeland

21. June 2017

A chronicle about BCSS and Kristian Birkeland written by Centre Leader Nikolai Østgaard.

NASA-award for Michael Hesse

13. June 2017

Professor Michael Hesse commitment to space physics honoured by NASA

Swarm detects assymmetry

22. March 2017

Karl Magnus Laundal explains his new findings about asymmetry in the electric currents in the upper atmosphere using data from the Swarm satellite constellation.

Do life exist on other planets?

23. February 2017

PhD student Paul Tenfjord is interviewed about the news story that a research team has identified 7 planets orbiting a dwarfstar only 40 light-years away from Earth.

Visiting the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

7. February 2017

Centre Leader Nikolai Østgaard visited UN-COPUOS (United Nation Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) in Vienna, Austria, and he gave a talk entitled "Norwegian contribution to SCOSTEP/VarSITI"

The temperature in the atmosphere above Arctic

31. January 2017

In this interview we learn more about the research performed by Silje Eriksen Holmen during her PhD work.